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My lovely August on Schiermonnikoog
Bi Rongrong
Aug.26th, 2009During this month, most of time I was surrounded by blue sky, shining sun, green field, and black & white cows. They are so natural, clear, strong, and open, nothing else can hide them.

I Am Tiamo - Material: wood - Hight:175cm
Diameter: around 100cmMy tent is just beside a cow house, my farmer also offered me that cow house as my indoor working space. I can smell the cows, hear them, feed them, touch them. Looking at their way of chewing grass was kind of fun. From the first day here, I have decided to make a work relevant to cows. Tiamo is one of little cows’ names, which has stored in my memory.
Working in De Kooiplaats

When I just arrived the farm, I was fascinated by the fire wood which were piled in some little houses. They were in and out of order, formed a thick wall which caught my eyes.

My farmer was teaching me how to cut the wood!He was helping me to move the wood to an assembling place.

When the work is standing on the field, I do feel the bigness of the natural space!

The way of assembling was inspired by sunshine as well. There is no direction, just going everywhere.
The black color is from cow’s dots.
On my sculpture, I was trying to make a black line intertwine the whole sculpture

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